Holy Yoga is doing it again!  This time the HYE is in our own back yard — up the road in South Portland at Eastpoint Church.   Eastpoint is conveniently located off of Gorham Road, across from Home Depot in South Portland (near the Maine Mall).

There are two Holy Yoga instructors from Eastpoint that are hosting the HYE. Did you know they regularly have Holy Yoga classes there?  I exciting to be helping them—so let’s show them how much we love Holy Yoga and come on up with me!

The Holy Yoga Experience is a half-day event that includes a Holy Yoga practice, the Word, live worship, and community.   Click here to register:

The Holy Yoga Experience


I want to share my passion for Holy Yoga with you – so grab a friend or two and get up there!  I’d love to see you and most likely HUG YOU!



I am so excited to be serving at THE HOLY YOGA EXPERIENCE on Saturday, August 12th at Faith Church in New Milford, CT.


This event is for EVERYONE! Whether you are practicing yoga regularly or not; whether you are an instructor or not; whether you are a believer or not—come!!!! The Holy Yoga Experience is a half-day event that includes a Holy Yoga practice, the Word, live worship, and community.   Click here to register:  http://bit.ly/2sa2YVL 

My life has never been the same since I found Holy Yoga and this event is a way to share what Holy Yoga is all about!  Holy Yoga has 12 other cities hosting this event on the same day! Visit  https://holyyoga.net/holy-yoga-experience/ to find a Holy Yoga Experience in other locations and then maybe share this and invite YOUR friends and family locally or around the country!!

I want to share my passion for Holy Yoga with you – so grab a friend or two and come on down.  I’d love to see you and most likely HUG YOU! 😊  Maybe make it a road trip.  Some folks are staying over in Danbury.  If you might want to do that let me know and I’ll let you know where most folks are staying.


OK everyone let’s do this!

Holy Yoga with Weights will be the 1st Tuesday (that there is class) each month. Here are the dates for HoYo with Weights for the next few months:

  • July 11th (no class July 4th so weights will be this week)
  • August 1st

I have a few weights to lend out…but please try to bring your own (1lb up to 5lb).  OR just do the class without weights–totally OK.



Holy Yoga Classes Upcoming:

  • May 16th – we are doing a test run of a Holy Yoga with Weights class!
    If you have them – bring hand weights (up to 5 lbs).  You can definitely do the class without weights so no worries!


  • I’m excited that new Holy Yoga instructor Melissa Marquis is subbing for me on May 23rd and May 30th!  Show her some love – she is going to be a blessing


Holy Yoga with Weights coming this Summer and I need your help!

This summer I’m going to be offering Holy Yoga with Weights on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

I’m looking for donations of hand weights from 1 to 8 lbs!  I know you have some gathering dust somewhere!

The class is going to be fun I promise!  And using weights will be totally optional.  More information to come.


I would love for you to join me in conversation and community through the Holy Yoga ‘We Are’ campaign.  All throughout 2017 there will be twice monthly podcasts that talk about ways to enrich our lives and those around us through Community, Christ Centeredness, Yoga and Living Beyond Ourselves.

Along with listening to the podcasts you can join in conversation on our regional Facebook group.  You don’t have to be a Holy Yoga instructor, as the group is open to anyone!

Please click and request to join the Holy Yoga Northeast Facebook Group:


Listen to a podcast or two from the link below and join our Facebook group.

We Are Podcasts

For more information about who we are visit HolyYoga.net.

Due to worsening weather conditions, class tonight, February 7th,  is cancelled.

Stay home where you are warm and safe. Roll out your mat and spend some time with Jesus.  See you next week (weather permitting) 



After six years of teaching Holy Yoga and classes through Sanford Adult Education I have reached the 1,000 hour teaching mark to qualify for E-RYT status through Yoga Alliance.

This “E” designation (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) means more than just another credential under my belt.  I have had the privilege to share my love of yoga with over 400 people in my home town of Sanford.  They are the ones that taught me how to be a better yoga instructor. They were the ones that kept showing up while I was a green teacher and while I was growing.

I’m excited for the next 1,000 hours of rolling out my mat in front of smiling yogis that trust me to lead them through class.  And while there is now an “E” designation to my credentials, I am ALWAYS a student, learning for other yoga instructors and from my students.

Blessings to all,