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Tree Pose

Tree Pose is a great first ‘balance’ pose as you can grow with it (get it?) 🙂

Tree Pose Breakdown

Need some help with an easier variation than I show in the picture?  Just lift your heel and place the toes of your raised leg on the ground or mat.  Try to not lock your knee of the standing leg–keep a micro bend in it. 

Focus on an object in front of you that is not moving…usually looking at your yoga teacher is not a good idea 🙂

It’s OK if your tree is blowing in the wind, it’s OK if you wobble, it’s OK if you have to put your foot down.  Remember it’s a journey in each pose and just have fun with it.

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My Favorite Pose


I love this pose because I feel so spacious and it looks cool! 🙂

Here is a link to a breakdown of the pose by Yoga Journal:

Triangle Pose Breakdown

A kinder gentler version can be done by simply placing your top hand on your hip instead of extending it to the sky; by only coming down onto your thigh instead of all the way to your ankle or the floor; as well as shortening the distance of your feet. Even with these modifcations you can still feel free, open and expansive. ENJOY.

*Please do all poses with awareness and gentleness to your body. Afterall, God only gave you one, so take care.

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