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Be well and warm and enjoy staying in on Saturday morning for the next couple of Saturdays.

If you want to do some yoga on your own….check out these yoga poses on the Holy Yoga website and try a few. When we meet again on the 15th I’d love to hear about a new one you tried!



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This can be a challenging pose so take your time building up to it, holding the pose only as long as it feels good.

Some things to think about in the pose: Don’t worry if your heels don’t meet the floor—work towards it. If you low back rounds, soften your knees. Broaden your collarbones and move shoulders away from your ears. Rotate your thighs inward, lifting your quadriceps, and move the front of the thighs to the back of the thighs—this will help take some weight off your arms and shoulders.

Keep your core firm and ribs drawn in so your low back doesn’t sway. Fingers spread wide help take some of the pressure off your wrist so be sure to press into your palms. Relax your head and neck and BREATHE! PHEW…that’s A LOT!

This pose is a strength builder, a transition during flow and eventually a resting pose (I said eventually).

Pose Breakdown from Yoga Journal (a great video on this link as well)
Please read the Contraindications and Cautions on the Yoga Journal page…they are good!

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Boat pose is a great core strengthener and a balance pose as well.

I had some fun with some fellow yogis to show three different variations of Boat Pose. Find the one that maximizes core strength without relying on your upper body (shoulders and neck) to keep you in the pose.

Keep your shoulders relaxed down your back, head in line with spine and gaze ahead….your body is your boat and arms the oars! Have a slight rounding of your low back to fully engage your core–if you arch your low back you aren’t able to access your core muscles. Remember to breath when the seas are rocking your boat.

Pose Breakdown for Boat

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Just for fun

Gingerbread Yoga Man

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Standing next to John Copley, I hold as still as I can, concentrating on my balance as the noise and bustle of Boston surrounds me.

Dancer pose will look different for each of us. My limited upper body flexibility creates less of an arch in the pose — but no matter your flexibility, this pose is great for concentration and balance.

Tips: find your focus point, keep a microbend in your knee of the standing leg and by holding onto the inside of your ankle there will be less chance for your lifted leg to open out to the side. Also stand next to a wall for support if you feel shaky…balance improves with time.

As John Copley might have said “Hold still please” 🙂

Dancer Pose Breakdown

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Who said yoga poses needed to be difficult or that you even needed yoga clothes! Here in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire during one of the best fall foliage displays I can remember in years, is Mountain pose.

Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart for easy balancing (you can also have your feet together if you like). Keeping a slight bend in your knees, roll your shoulders open and draw them down your back away from your ears. Having your palms forward with thumbs outward help give you that wonderful heart opening. Draw your tailbone down as you lift your chest slightly. Engage your core and breath. If you like, close your eyes and just get centered and grounded.

Pose Breakdown from Yoga Journal

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This pose creates a nice stretch through the hips as well as your shoulders. Be sure to relax your shoulders away from your ears to remove tension from your neck. Try not to reach forward with your front arm so that shoulders will stay over your hips.

You can always lower your hands to your hips if your shoulders are bothered by the pose. Enjoy and take up some space on your mat (or the rocks)!!!!!

Pose breakdown on YogaJournal

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