I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be assisting two other local Holy Yoga instructors in a weekend retreat here in Maine.

Life is busy.  Come away with me…you’ll be glad you did.

Sabbath Rest Holy Yoga Retreat

I’ll be leading a bible study and two morning Holy Yoga sessions!  Space is limited so sign up soon to guarantee your spot!

Click here to register.

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to teach a Hot Yoga class on January 8th to see if there is interest for a early class (early enough so you have time to get home, shower and get to work on time).  It will be from 5:30 am to 6:30 am at the Brickhouse Gym and Hot Yoga Studio in the new mill.

I know for some of you this is WAY too early but it is a time that enables you to get in your yoga before work.  You can check out their website here:


Then sign up here (space is limited so don’t wait getting your spot). 


Hey everyone!

It’s not too early to sign up for the next sessions through Sanford Community Adult Education.  I hope to see new and familiar faces in February!


Intermediate Flow Yoga starts February 10th:


Slow Flow starts February 12th:


So I might be teaching at 5:30 AM Hot Yoga class on Wednesdays at the new  Brickhouse Gym and Hot Yoga Studio in the newly renovated mill.  I’m trying to see who might be interested so I can give them that feedback.

Email me if you are.  Also check out their facebook page:


For all my Holy Yogi’s that missed Saturday’s class…we did this! Why do I love plank holds? Besides building core strength they also work the whole body…say good bye to sit ups! Follow this chart and next week we’ll drop and do 40! (seconds that is). *the four images give you several variations.


It’s a go.

just went outside and Rt. 4 seems to be clear so I’m going to have class.

If you’re coming just space give yourself some extra time and I’ll see you for some Holy Yoga at 9.

Winter Weather

It’s that time of year again! Before you head out for class and the weather is yucky (cuz it can do that) check this page or if you know my phone number, call or text me. I’ll make a decision by 8AM. If you would like my phone number just send me an email.

While I LOVE Saturday Holy Yoga…I love the safety of you all first and foremost!